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Bc Hyaluronic Moisture Kick
For hair from normal to dry, wavy or curlyWhen the hair lacks hydration, it lacks brightness and elasticity, and is more difficult to handle and can become brittle. Dehydrated hair needs a quick treatment that fills it with essential hydration and provides elasticity and a healthy appearance with a lasting shine. BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick rebalances and provides an optimal level of hydration even to the driest hair, improving its resistance, increasing brightness and eliminating static electricity. For a soft, shiny hair, hydrated and full of elasticity. The Hyaluronic Acid Derivative is widely used in skin care, as it is known for its excellent volumizing properties and acts as a very effective moisturizing agent that creates lasting hydration. It has the ability to attract and maintain hydration leaving the skin nourished and smooth. Also, it plays a very important role in hair care.The Hyaluronic Acid Derivative rebalances the level of hydration of the hair and scalp, which together with Cell Perfector Technology softens the capillary surface and provides softness, manageability, elasticity and shine to the hair.
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